There is growing recognition that violence against women and girls is a critical social problem with significant impacts on all aspects of the wellbeing of women and girls.  Understanding gender-based violence and the appropriate approach to the care and support of sexual assault survivors is vital for anyone working with and on behalf of women and teens.  Yet all too often, sexual assault survivors do not receive the information and support that they need when they seek help.

This two day training opportunity will provide practical information about responding to sexual assault including topics such as: social context, impact (health, social, psychological), drug facilitated sexual assault, empowering choice and providing emotional support, reporting options, and legal considerations.

During the strategy session, service providers will indentify gaps and work toward developing a community plan to respond to sexual assault, improve safety of women and youth, and increase the level of support for sexually assaulted women and youth.


Community professionals who provide services to women and youth such as:

Youth workers, teachers and school counsellors, drug and alcohol counsellors, victim service workers, shelter workers, employment counsellors, health care and mental health, outreach workers, social workers, community police, 911 operators, paramedics, community counsellors

Through this training you will:

  • Deepen your knowledge and understanding of the social context and dynamics of sexual assault
  • Gain knowledge about the law, police procedures, and reporting options for survivors
  • Utilize practical learning techniques that will help you gain skills for responding to disclosures of sexual assault
  • Develop understanding regarding the psychological impact and dynamics of violence-related trauma and gain skill for supporting survivors
  • Learn about the procedures for the medical forensic examination
  • Work toward developing a coordinated community strategy for responding to the needs of sexual assault survivors

Building on this foundation you will:

  • Be confident providing crisis counselling
  • Feel knowledgeable in providing accurate information regarding the rights and options available to survivors
  • Gain valuable insights into the effects of crime and trauma
  • Know the key components of the medical / legal procedures for sexual assault response
  • Improve the safety of women and girls in this community


Canadian Women’s Foundation:CWF is Canada’s only national public foundation dedicated to improving the lives of women and girls. The Foundation invests in the power of women and the dreams of girls: CWF raises money to research, fund and share the best approaches to ending violence against women, moving low-income women out of poverty and building strong, resilient girls.

Ending Violence Association & Community Coordination for Women’s Safety:

For nearly 20 years, EVA BC has worked to coordinate and support the work of victim-serving and other anti-violence programs in BC through the provision of issue-based consultation and analysis, resource development, training, research and education. A program of EVA BC, the Community Coordination for Women’s Safety (CCWS) Program provides assistance to BC communities to develop new models or improve existing models of cross-sector coordination on violence against women.

Sexual Assault Counselling Centre at the C.O Elizabeth Fry Society:

The Central Okanagan Elizabeth Fry Society’s mission is to empower women and children to achieve dignity, security and equality in the community. We provide a safe environment where women, children and youth can receive counselling, advocacy, and resources that help them to regain their dignity, autonomy, and self esteem.  The Society has been in operation for more than 35 year, and has been responding to the needs of child, youth, and adult survivors of sexual assault for over 15 years.   The Centre’s work is guided by the motto: start by believing.

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