I wanted to give back to my community and do something to empower women, children and families.

That’s why I volunteer in the community encouraging women who are struggling to achieve their full potential. 

I know that one of the hardest things to do is to face your fears. Many of the women that I meet at the Elizabeth Fry Society have experienced very difficult lives.  It has taken a great amount courage for these women to come forward and trust us. They grow stronger by connecting with the supportive atmosphere here. To me, the Elizabeth Fry Society represents women who are strong from the inside out.

One of the great opportunities that I am a part of here is helping to facilitate the 16 Step Program for Women.  The mutual support that this program provides helps women realize their true power within.  

Last week, one of the women approached me to thank me for being here.  She told me that she looks forward to coming here, and that it is one of the only positive things that she has in her life right now.

Coming here brightens my week, because I know that I am helping light a spark.