Fun Fancy Flash Mob for E.Fry Week

Fun Fancy Flash Mob for E.Fry Week

Waterfront by big blue bear.

Show up at 2 pm wearing that party dress, floor length evening dress, cocktail dress that you have hidden away in the back of your closet. This is a classic red carpet moment…. for everyone.

Men break out those orange tuxedo shirts and cumerbunds.
…You will form groups of 3 or 5 with your friends and work out your stroll map through the park. Take a certain number of steps then strike a pose. Just take five slow steps then hold a pose for the count of five. It would be magnificent if we could be roughly in the same timing frame. But just come and enjoy.

Tiaras, dangling earrings, long gloves, top hats, canes the fancier the better. I do suggest you decorate an umbrella with ribbons, flowers and feathers just to be on the safe side.

We gather to celebrate spring.

If a few accomplished singers wish to put together a song “Spring is Bustin out All Over” or anything else they wish to sing, let me know.

It is mother’s day so bring your mother down, dress up your kids and make it a half hour to remember.

Proceeds of donations to Elizabeth Fry Society.

Jason Woodford, an accomplished film maker, will shoot the event, edit and upload to you tube so what better present to give a loved one on a mother’s day than a record of frivolous fun.

If you have further suggestions or ideas, let me know through Facebook.

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