My name is Suezan.

I have been supporting and advocating on behalf of women affected by violence for over 15 years. 

Each woman’s unique story is important, and I marvel at the many courageous women that survive and prevail over the effects of violence.  Supporting and advocating for women from all walks of life has increased my ability to support and advocate more effectively.

I have been working in community counselling centers, and women’s shelters for most of my career.  During the past 5 years, I worked with the Fireweed Collective Society where I provided counselling and support to women on the Nak’azdli, Tl’azten, and Yekooche First Nations Reserves near Fort St. James.   

Besides enjoying the beauty of the Okanagan, I have appreciated learning from the past Outreach Coordinator, Arvinder, and have been really struck by the degree of trust that women have developed here at E.Fry.  There’s an immediate sense of comfort and energy when women and kids walk through the doors of E.Fry.

My role here is primarily to reach out to women, offer a trusting environment, and offer as many options and opportunities as possible to empower women who ask for our help to become safe and healthy. 

Since I will be getting out into the community to act as a conduit for women to have access to as many options and opportunities as possible, I am looking forward to getting to know the women here, and the many partner agencies that Elizabeth Fry Society works within the community.

Each woman’s journey is her own. I am honored to be there for part of the way.