We been overjoyed by our community’s generosity this year for our Christmas Hamper Program!  Our volunteers and staff have delivered 30 hampers to low income families throughout our community this week.

The families have been delighted by the love and care shown to them by members of our community. 

We are, all of us, incredibly grateful to all of our volunteers and donors:

The staff and management of Mission Hill Family Estate

The staff and management of Phoenix Health & Fitness

The Okanagan Chefs Association

Terrafina Restaurant

Manteo Resort

Tessmer Law

LPS Dentistry

Kelowna General Hospital GI Unit, Residents, and Emergency Room Doctors

Pandosy International Hostel

The Spelliscy Family

Jesse, Martha and their family

Rush Ihas Hardwick

The Portmann Family

The Guest Family

Megan Berry

The Kopas & Campbell Families


Erin Gaster

Jen Miller

Jamie Taverner

Kelly Nuessler

Katie Paulson

Claire Docherty

Lisa Marques

Amanda Kennedy

Emily Gardener

Cindy Corcoran & friends!

Jana and her family!


May your holiday bring to you the joy that you brought to our families this year!