This is to big to ignore

Violence & Abuse

Last year, the Central Okanagan Elizabeth Fry Society provided assistance to OVER 2000 women, youth and children – an increase of OVER 85% from the previous year. Many of the people we help are at-risk. We work hard to prevent abuse and violence against women, youth & children and protect the innocent. But sexual assault, abuse and domestic violence are crimes that still occur at alarmingly high rates. Many victims of such crimes turn to us for support and practical help on the long path to recovery and regaining their smile.


Need stats and fact for how many women and children are living below the poverty line or in need of government support services in the Okanagan.

We offer personal and career development programs that assist low income women in getting back on their feet and moving toward long term independence and security for themselves and their family.


Need stats and figures of number of women and children in the justice system for violence or abuse related cases in the Okanagan.

We provide court support and information to women and children involved in the justice system. We advocate on behalf of women and children to ensure that their legal rights and needs within the justice system are met.