We believe our work is unique, in that we go beyond crisis – toward long term recovery, safety and economic security for the people that we are here to help.

If you or someone you care about has experienced sexualized violence, abuse in a relationship, harassment, or conflict with the law, you may benefit from the following services provided by the Elizabeth Fry Society:


[sections][section title=”Sexual Assault Counselling Centre”]

Child & Youth Sexual Abuse Intervention Program
Through this program we provide assessment and therapy to children and youth who have disclosed sexual abuse, assault or exploitation.  We restore security, safety and dignity to children, youth, and non-offending caregivers.

Adult Sexual Assault / Abuse Counseling and Residential Historical Abuse Counseling
The Centre provides specialized therapy to adult women and men who have experienced sexual assault, childhood sexual abuse, and/or ritual abuse.

Beginnings Groups for Women
The Centre provide education and group therapy to help women understand and overcome the effects of trauma related to sexual violence.  This professionally led innovative 26-week group therapy program combines education, cognitive therapy, life skills, expressive art therapy, yoga, and teamwork to help women restore safety, dignity and wholeness after experiencing sexual assault or abuse.

[/section] [section title=”Advocacy, Information & Outreach”]

Specialized Victim Assistance: confidential support, information, and safety planning as well as justice-related information and accompaniment for adult and child victims of family or sexual violence.

Women’s Outreach Counseling: outreach counselling, education, and practical assistance to women affected by domestic and/or sexual violence.

Community Court Work is offered by volunteers at the Kelowna Law Courts.  This program provides legal information, court support, referral to community services for individuals attending initial appearance court.

Community Justice Program: support, information and referrals to incarcerated and at-risk women.  This program assists women’s social re-integration by offering mutual support, goal setting, personal planning and assistance in accessing counselling, affordable housing, and employment services.  Women gain skills and resources to live independent, healthy lives and to make positive choices for themselves, their families, and their community.

We are also a BC Human Rights Coalition Law Clinic host agency.

[/section] [section title=”Education & Abuse Prevention”]

Community Presentations are available to any school, church, community group or agency that would like to learn more about services available and how to empower positive change for victimized and criminalized women and children.

Using Your Mind to Create Change an 8 week critical thinking skills workshop which encourages participants to make positive life choices, develop personal and social responsibility, problem solving, and purposeful living.

Girl’s United (formerly known as Girl Power) a small-group prevention/education and self-esteem enhancement program designed to meet the developmental needs of girls ages 12 to 17. Through dynamic sessions and highly participatory activities, girls explore their own and societal attitudes and values as they build skills for personal wellness, safety, and positive relationships with peers and adults.

Contact us to request a workshop 250 763-4613 or allie.efry@empowerific.com