Our Causes

  • One way to embody the spirit of Empowerific is by contributing your time and/or skills to activities that help promote and support the cause. There are many ways you can help out as an Empowerific volunteer for the Central Okanagan Elizabeth Fry Society. Event Volunteers: Help out at Empowerific fundraisers and/or local community events that E […]

  • Don’t just get mad…Take action. If you don’t, who will? Never underestimate your power to make something happen! Whether an action is big or small, you will find people like you who want to rally to support the cause. Empowerific events raise awareness and funds in our communities for women and children in need. We’ll […]

  • The Elizabeth Fry Society provides children toys as tools for play therapy, we provide countless tissues to wipe away the tears of women and children who have been victimized by violence and abuse, we make coffee for support groups, and provide snacks for programs and client celebrations. Like any organization we have capital costs, we […]

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